The Siren

Engage your fans & monetise events with exclusive content your fans or attendees can only get at the event.

The Siren is a content platform that allows event-holders to capture behind-the-scenes content from their event with their phone and send it to those at their event. It earns event-holders more revenue by improving the event experience and also serving partner ads to those at the event.


More bums on seats

Give your fans another reason to go, with exclusive content they can’t get anywhere else.

More sponsor revenue

Deliver timed offers for sponsors, nearby businesses and your own products to fans' phones. 

More event day revenue

Promote your activations, food and beverage offerings and pre- and post-game events to maximise revenue. 

There's more to your game or event than what's happening on the field or stage. Make your experience better by engaging fans with…

  • Previews of the big game or next speaker

  • Content from the locker rooms or backstage

  • Analysis or crowd reaction

  • Injury updates or latest on performers

  • Related, archival content

  • Calls to action to get fans involved in activations

  • Interview with players, coaches, performers, speakers

  • The team song or post-event highlights
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Bring the extra content of broadcast sport to your most engaged fans - the ones in the stands!

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Communicate and market to your attendees at the venue in real-time.