Siren Leads

SEO, search engine marketing and social media … in the end, you just want new customers, right? Cut to the chase with Siren Leads.

Siren Leads delivers you a constant stream of new customer leads, week after week, month after month. Simple.

But does it work?

Yes it does - and we’re happy to prove it. We’ll start a FREE Siren Leads test for your business for one week and if you’d like to continue after that, we’ll talk it through. If not, keep the leads and walk away. Seriously. You can’t lose.

Think about it - you haven’t signed anything, or paid for anything - no traps, no gimmicks.


How about $0 to start with (see above)? Fair enough? Let’s jump on a quick call and we can explain everything.


SO HOW does it work?

It’s pretty simple - we run a Facebook advertising campaign using an eye-catching video to target the customer demographic that you are after in your area. Years of experience in the ever-changing Facebook ad formats and targeting techniques mean that we can deliver new customer leads that bring your business a positive ROI.


First of all, don’t sign anything and don’t pay for anything - remember? Just book a call with us - yes, we’re humans who live in Brisbane (gasp) - and we can talk you through it.

What we’ll ask you:

  • What is your business?

  • Where is your business located?

  • Who are you targeting?

  • What are their typical demographics/interests?

  • Have you got a small freebie/giveaway/offer that you can entice them with?

That’s it. We’ll then create a simple video (for FREE) and start running your targeted ads (for FREE). After a week we’ll give you your leads and see if you think the program is worth continuing with.

We’re betting our money that you will! ;)

And if so, we’ll make a nicer video and supercharge your results!