First, set the benchmark


Just finalising a social media audit and benchmarking report for a major new client. Awesome work for us, and smart from the client to first take stock of where they are, before we work on a strategy for improvement.

It's also a great way to have an impartial set of eyes go over what you and your staff are actually putting out on your social, compared to what you think is going out - especially if you are dealing with a distributed production team and lots of accounts.

Hard data is invaluable for the client, especially when we help them lift their social and marketing game to the next level. In 6-12 months, after testing and iterating new content and campaign strategies, that initial benchmark will be invaluable. 

It will also hopefully play well with my client's bosses when they get to show before and after reports proving simple, measurable and repeatable ROI on their work.

Can't wait.