The Ballpark

This is a pricing menu designed to give clients indicative pricing on a variety of our services. Where we can supply exact pricing, we do - otherwise we visit the ballpark (a.k.a. use price ranges). Adding services or extras will add $, trimming them or buying in bulk will subtract. Simple, right? This is not an exhaustive list though. If you need something that isn't here - just get in touch or just buy some hours packages.





Cost: $100/hr

Cost factors: 

  • Travel
  • Other hard costs (passed on with no clip!)

Want a weekly (or fortnightly or monthly) check-in with a digital strategist that knows the commercial reality of digital marketing and production?

If so, just book in with us and we'll sort you out with a your own digital strategist that you only need to pay by the hour and can be on site with you, or remote.

Starting at two hours a week (or four a fortnight etc) we'll make sure it's the same face that turns up every time, so you can focus on where you're going, not explain where you've been.


commercial partner workshop


Cost: $3000 + travel costs

  • 2 days prep
    (1 day on site)
  • 1 day facilitation

Cost factors:

  • Extra preparation time ($100/hr)
  • Travel costs

Usually targeted to sporting clubs or leagues looking to better commercialise their digital assets, we help you engage your sponsors and partners by educating them that your club is their campaign partners, not just an advertising vehicle. This usually takes the form of a one-day facilitated workshop at your club, with your relevant staff and your partners.


After a meet and greet, we work with your staff to help you showcase your capabilities to your partners, and start to educate them that your business is more than a support system for a jersey. Your sponsors need to know that, with our help, your club can deliver any campaign or activation they need.

Your department team leaders will each speak, to review where you've been but, more importantly, sell the dream of where you are building to. 

Then it's lunch - with a celebrity appearance from your coach, a big-name player or ex-player.


After lunch, we switch into brainstorming mode - and yes, there is a prize.

We split into small working groups each made up of 1-2 sponsors and 3-4 staff from various parts of your business and ask your sponsors: "What are your business objectives, and how can we help you leverage your sponsorship to get them?" The aim of the game is to come up with your best two campaign ideas to help your sponsors get more value out of your club.

Each team will then pitch their best ideas back to the group - and to the winner go the spoils (maybe a nice bottle of wine or a signed piece of kit.


All work and no play make sponsors dull folks. Time to pop a cork or blow the froth of a couple and toast a new campaign or two?

NB: Roughly speaking, for each day of workshop time, 2 days of prep are needed. One day to help you build your presentation, and one on-site day for a trial run.



Social media production & management


Cost (social management): $190-$450 week

Cost (content capture): $250-$500 (usually onCe monthLY)

Cost factors:

  • Time spent capturing content, and whether video or photography
  • NB: Hard costs are passed on - but no clip added!

If you're trying to showcase your business, there's no better bang-for-buck channel than social media. We can take care of your social media production with no disruption to your business.

Weekly packages start at $190 and vary depending on the volume of content and number of social accounts. Content capture is separate.

  • 2-hour photo shoot: $250
  • 2-hour video shoot: $400

Targeting your content via location, demographic and even your database is easy. We can even help you with influencer marketing - but that's all a bit extra.

Cost factors: Number of social channels, amount of weekly content and content capture shoots.


Cost: $1/word

Cost factors

  • Expensive experts

This is a fairly easy one: we charge $1 a word. We use some of the best journalists around the country, so all work is grammatically correct, SEO targeted, fact-checked and ready to go.

If expensive subject-matter experts need to be sourced and employed, this will add to the cost. 


Cost: $100/hr

Cost factors:

  • Type of job
  • Briefing process
  • Complexity
  • Number of revisions required (Two is standard)



Standalone graphic

Cost: $200-$300 each

Cost factors

  • Amount of etching
  • Number of images melded together
  • Sourcing stats if not supplied
  • Player IP rights costs

Tough one - graphics and other design assets can vary so much that it's impossible to give an overall ballpark price on these,  but we can give ballpark prices on a couple of examples:


Stats graphic

Cost: $300-$400 each

Cost factors

  • Amount of etching
  • Number of images melded together
  • Sourcing stats if not supplied
  • Player IP rights costs

Can be a head-to-head graphic comparing two players or just a graphic applying stands and design effects onto an action image. Great in a branded series fed into social media. 

Usually either a single image or (more usually) a collage of action shots and atmospheric background imagery with a small amount of text. Great in a branded series fed into social media.  

NB: Cost will depend on how much deep-etching is involved, how time-consuming the effects and style are to produce, sourcing stats if necessary. Economies of scale can be found for producing these in series.


Sanctuary Cove.jpg

Cost (quick clip or GIF): $300-$500

Cost (edited video for social): $1k-$3k

Cost (sizzle reel or promo): $3k-$5k

Cost (TVC): $10k-$20k

Cost factors:

  • Travel
  • Talent
  • Complexity
  • High-end equipment
  • Second (and third) crews

Video may be the toughest category to estimate - there's a big difference between a TV commercial (TVC) or a little boomerang clip for social.

Still, we'll give you better bang for buck than anyone, because we won't "quote low and then add the extras". We'll be honest about what things cost, and if you have a champagne idea on a VB budget, we'll tell you - then put our thinking caps on to get you the best result for your actual budget.

Cost factors for video pretty much include everything, sadly - but the big ones are travel, special equipment and extra crew. People insist on getting paid - they're the worst.





Cost (outdoor venue): $20k-$25k

Cost (indoor venue): $15k-$20k

Cost factors: 

  • Number of cameras 
  • Longer show
  • Talent
  • Wet weather plan

A live, vision-switched, multi-camera video production can attract huge reach on social media, and also create a huge asset to integrate partners into. This ballpark price includes a three-person hosting desk on the side of the field/court, up to five cameras, sideline reporter, all streaming and production costs. It's commonly used in a pre-season context, when broadcast rights aren't in effect.

In some cases, an advertising revenue-share agreement can also be struck with Facebook to help mitigate costs. We have contacts at Facebook/Instagram that will consider these proposals. 

"Top" list videos


Cost: $300-$1000 per video  

Cost factors:

  • Very dependent on volume (number of episodes)
  • Access to video
  • Talent

Q: How many ways can you cut highlights footage (or even behind the scenes video)?

A: A lot! And add an integrated logo and they all make great "top" lists with a ton of other integration opportunities, like voice-over brand mentions, branded end slates, fly-in graphics etc etc etc.

Craziest moves, best passes, pivotal moments, game changers ... there's no end to it. The secret to this content is regularity and volume. Yes, there's ongoing weekly production work, but the cost of the integrated intro graphic and other assets are spread across more videos - and you get more assets to sell and a greater total reach. 

Don't forget, you can offer your clients a reach guarantee on Facebook (they love surety). You just may need to make up any shortfall with boosting, which becomes a cost of servicing.     


Seiko timer.jpg

If you just need general help, or want to figure things out as you go, buy some hours. We can be bought. In fact, we cost $100/hr and give bulk discounts...


AD HOC: $100 P/H

20 HOURS: $1800

50 HOURS: $4500

100 HOURS: $8500